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Get to know our development services.


Specialized in the development of DJI drone mobile apps and backed by our strategic partnership with HP Drones, we can meet all of your needs!

Some of our services:

  • Photo or video mapping
  • Image orthorectification
  • Image processing
  • Automatic pattern detection and classification (alerts, pests, agricultural production yields, etc.)


The software we develop is, above all, designed to optimize the flow of business processes.

As such, any development project must be preceded by consulting, where we indicate where the company/processes currently stand. Then, based on our team’s knowledge, we work together to re-engineer those processes. Our track record proves that re-engineering based on S2iTM optimizes resources and leads to a considerable reduction in lead times.


Thanks to the S2iTM platform, we can meet any challenge you set us in a timely manner!

The S2iTM platform has a powerful API, traceability mechanisms, version control, access control, workflow definition and third-party application integration.

We have interface design experts on our team to ensure that users are routed to the tasks they need to perform, with useful information at their fingertips or easily accessible and without the noise of unnecessary information.


The S2iTM platform is driven by mapping engines that enable:

  • Identification of mapped areas using GPS equipment
  • Georeferencing of any image captured by drone
  • Overlaying of satellite images (Sentinel 2, LandSat, etc.)
  • Creation of maps and charts with statistical operators (heat maps, histograms, temporal graphs, etc.)

Artificial Intelligence

Initially designed for Intelligent Agriculture, but naturally adaptable to any business area, we implement AI algorithms (machine learning, neural networks and other sub-areas of Artificial Intelligence).

Some applications:

  • Pest detection
  • Cotton bulb count – estimated production
  • Tree count
  • Identification of cotton production areas
  • Tree count and classification (type and size – height, volume)
  • Livestock head count
  • Study of livestock movement patterns

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TAW Software © 2020 All rights reserved. Privacy Policy