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Software and Automation

Software Development

Our technical team has extensive experience in working on international projects and is committed to providing quick, high-quality solutions.

Business Process Consulting

It’s increasingly important to have a systemic corporate approach and understand the relationships between the various moving parts, while keeping an eye on the big picture.


We combine the power of a drone with the power of our S2iTM platform. Drones today allow us to collect data that was once inaccessible.


Cartography, surveillance, analysis. We collect field data using sensors, drones and satellites and then analyze it. We add value to your data history by transforming it into information.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has reached maturity. We apply the latest AI to your data to discover the unimaginable.


Using a transactional system, we define performance indicators, management charts, dynamic tables and scoreboards to give you an overview of your business.


We develop automation projects, designing and manufacturing customized machinery and tools that increase the productivity of or add value to your business.

IoT - The Internet of Things

There’s value in history! Whatever your business, there is always data to be acquired everywhere. We analyze the potential of every data source and develop data acquisition systems and mechanisms so that they can play an important role in the management of your business.


Using biometrics increases security and enhances transparency in relationships with users and external entities.


Because not everyone is connected, we’ve developed adaptable solutions. Mobile devices can operate with local datasets and synchronize information while maintaining the integrity of the system.

Integration and Migration

The S2i™ platform already has a wide range of connectors, including Active Directory authentication, printing in local networks, data acquisition, and more! We have experience in data migration, intermediate transformation processes, validation, correction and data cleansing.

S2i™ Platform Training

We have a skilled team ready to provide on-the-job training, that is, training with practical customer-side examples.

Creative Agency

Web Design

A design that adapts to all mobile devices. We develop responsive web portals with a unique design so that you stand out from the crowd.

Web Consulting

We audit your website, design the content strategy, its architecture, visual and functional design.

Web Marketing

We design an action plan to bring your brand to your audience, using all digital channels, whether social media, content or any other means.

Branding / Graphic Design

Our communication and image department is committed to giving your company its own identity, be it on stationery or online.


We view our customers as business partners and believe that success can only be achieved by working together. That’s why we have a highly specialized Contact Centre at your disposal, ready to offer remote support.

  • Regarding the professionalism and responsiveness, the service was excellent considering that all subjects were dealt remotely via email. In this way we consider that all points of our vision for the project have been quite satisfactorily achieved. Excellent professionalism and monitoring throughout all phases of the project.

    ENSEMBLE - Associação Portuguesa de Instituições de Ensino de Música ENSEMBLE - Associação Portuguesa de Instituições de Ensino de Música
  • We thought they exceeded all expectations as the proposed challenge was not easy. We did not want to believe that a few hours later we were already navigating the "home" Master Food and ... at a glance the doors opened to the world. Very successful wishes. Thank you for your performance.

    Master Food Master Food
  • I would like to thank the entire team that worked on the new MJF website for their good performance and excellent end result, especially Sandra for the urgency that was requested.

    MJF Consultoria - Moçambique MJF Consultoria - Moçambique
  • TAW's technical team complies with the deadlines, revealing incredible professionalism at all times and possessing all the necessary knowledge, overcoming all the barriers and difficulties that have arisen throughout the development of the project.

    Animal Shop Animal Shop
  • Everything has gone well, the response time is very fast when I ask for help and the manual is a fundamental tool for making basic changes to the site.

    Curso de Música Silva Monteiro Curso de Música Silva Monteiro
  • Thank you for your commitment and excellent technical support in developing our website. We thank TAW software not only for the good work it has done, but also for all the financial support and sponsorship it has given us over the years.

    Zoological Association of Mozambique Zoological Association of Mozambique
  • Company with good reference, whether in quality, speed on the development of site or services, professionalism, excellent follow-up and i would recommend this experience.

    Patinhas Petshop Patinhas Petshop
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TAW Software © 2024 All rights reserved. Privacy Policy | Quality Policy